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Cleaning Method

At Venetian Blind Cleaners, we specialize in providing a professional Ultrasonic blind cleaning service.

What Is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

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Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a high-tech cleaning process that uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency sound waves to agitate a liquid helping to remove dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants from your blinds.
This high-tech cleaning process has previously been used to clean medical and dental equipment - we have also adopted this incredible cleaning technique to provide our clients with a high quality, thorough clean for their blinds.

How Does This Process Clean Blinds?

At Venetian Blind Cleaners, we have specially built large high-grade stainless-steel cleaning tanks and use a Mild Biodegradable Cleaning Solution made for cleaning blinds with the aid of warm water. The blinds are fully submerged in the tanks and the solution penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses. The cavitation process causes millions of microscopic explosions per second which scrubs the surfaces of the blinds ensuring thorough cleansing.
Once cleaned, all blinds are moved into a cleansing tank, and then transferred to our drying area.

We Take Care

Venetian Blind Cleaners is adamant ‘Service is Paramount’ therefore will offer a quality professional service for our customers, returning your blinds cleaned, and sheathed for protection on return.

Why Should You Clean Your Blinds with Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ordinary cleaning methods cannot provide the same level of cleaning that ultrasonic cleaning can. Cleaning blinds using ordinary cleaning methods is awkward and a time-consuming task.  However, thanks to the incredible cleaning power of ultrasonic cleaning technology, even the most challenging blinds can be cleaned.
Additionally, cleaning your blinds can save vast amounts of money!
Unfortunately, it remains the case, many people choose to replace their old blinds instead of cleaning them. However, many blinds can be restored to their original condition with the aid of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning. Give the Venetian Blind Cleaners team a call today and enquire about our ultrasonic cleaning process.

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